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When should my mower be serviced?

Fall. The weather in fall is typically dryer and accumulates more dust. Check the air filters for any collective debris, make sure the blades are sharp, and that the oil is good before each use.

When should my snow blower be serviced?

Your snow blower should be serviced prior to the first use of the season. If gas was left in it, the gas has done damage to the fuel system. The carburetor will need to be cleaned or replaced. To tell if the gas has gone bad, remove the cap and smell. If you would not put it in your car, it needs to be disposed of and the fuel system cleaned. Since gas goes bad in 30 days, do not fill it until you are ready to use your snow blower. This goes for all gas powered tools.

What fuel should I be using?

91 octane without ethanol is the best fuel to use. You can also use canned fuel, which can last up to 2 years and still be good. (Most canned fuel is 93 octane.) Pump fuel is good for 30 days. The important thing is to keep your fuel fresh and empty any piece of equipment not being used regularly. This will help make the fuel system happy and equipment starting better.

Can I run my mower all year without needing to do any more service?

Oil should be checked before you start the engine and be up to the full mark. Oil may need to be changed more than once a year; about 30 hours of use for walk behind mowers and 100 hours for most tractors. Air filters will need cleaned or replaced depending on the level of dust in the area. Blades should be sharpened more than once a year as to not beat the grass off, but to cut it off.

When should my equipment be serviced?

The best time to service your equipment is when you are done with that piece of equipment. Have service work done and stored without fuel is best. Tractors are a little harder to drain all of the fuel.

When should I have a chain sharpened on a chain saw?

Your chain saw chain should be sharpened when you have to push on the saw to make it cut. You have gone too far when all you get is chain rotation, no chips of wood, and the chain is smoking. The weight of most saws will let the saw cut with a sharp chain.

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